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Game Footage shot with one or multiple camera angles

  1. A video camera on a tripod

  2. Elevated (up to 16 feet) video camera – to get a birds-eye view

  3. Go-pro

  • Game footage is an effective way to enhance the coaching lessons to your team and provide a better way to identify areas for improvement.

  • Videotaping will be according to your objectives and preferred camera angles.

  • We will provide you will a digital file of the unedited footage.

Game Packages

Season Long 

Season coverage

Contact for pricing *

Full-length coverage – no editing

On-Line line link available 72 hours after the conclusion of individual events

*Location may affect pricing


Single-game – ($125)**

Full-length coverage- no editing

On-Line link available 72 hours after the conclusion of the event

**Location may EFFECT pricing

Add-ons ***



Season highlight package



***Contact us for pricing

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